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HiFiMAN Sundara Headphones

HiFiMAN Sundara Headphones

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The approximately 5-foot cable is a little short. If you aren't sitting close to your sound source, small movements are likely to yank the cable free or at least pull it taut. The good news is that it's detachable, so you can swap it out for whatever cable you prefer. Grado's SR325x headphones have a slightly longer cable that measures a little over 5.5 feet, but its hardwired design is limiting. Hiroyuki Sawano – Scapegoat (00:57-01:17), both vocal and instrument tonality needs to be warmer but very clean and detailed. Bass: Djuro – Drop that bass (01:15-01:30), extends lower and rumbles more on the R70X. A bit more punch quantity and texture on the R70X but tighter and faster on the Sundara. A bit better tonality on the R70X and timbre is better as well, but cleaner and more detailed on the Sundara. The Sundara is reputed to have a build that easily crushes previous budget Hifiman ‘phones, especially including those the Sundara replaces (the HE-400 series). These impressions are partially correct and partially incorrect. While an ideally-built Sundara would certainly be a nice product, the Sundara, unfortunately, finds itself plagued with the typical Hifiman quality-control issues. Hiroyuki Sawano &Z (02:18-02:57), slightly better tonality on the Sundara, a lot cleaner and more detailed as well with better timbre.

I noted that, while the sound is reminiscent of the band’s 2017 debut album, Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect, there was a pleasing nuance to the sound. Most apparent is an elevated synth presence, especially in the enveloping ambient soundscape, ‘Okay I’m Lonely’. Treble: Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day (03:24-03:42), electric guitars are a bit sharper on the Sundara but more tonally correct.Hiroyuki Sawano – Scapegoat (00:57-01:17), more forward vocals, cleaner and more detailed. Tonality is slightly better on the KPH30i with both vocals/instruments due to the warmth but does get bloated. Timbre is very good on both. The cups don't swivel. That, and being new made for slightly uncomfortable feeling around my ears. The weight is inline with other headphones in this class at 390 grams. The cup is round and has inside diameter of 59 mm and depth of 18 mm.

Despite all that, Hifiman still hasn’t managed to pry loose the old thorn in their sides that is quality control. Driver failures abound, and the manufacturing quality of their headbands still varies wildly. These issues seem to be commonplace enough that some dealings with Hifiman customer service should perhaps even be anticipated. And you can go ahead and buy an aftermarket cable right off the bat – the included one is no good. Sundaras overall brighter headphones. Although I like their energy, they can get fatiguing. Relative to Sundaras, HD600 sound veiled but can be easily listened for longer sessions. Now that we reached the end, if you’re looking for a 350 USD Headphone, or a 500 USD Headphone, that is Planar Magnetic, then you are most probably looking at Sundara, Verum One and Alara. If you want a more light, slightly soft, yet extremely dynamic sound, excellent comfort, and a neutral sound, yet with a very low-reaching bass, you should totally consider Sundara, and keep in mind, I am using it because I like it for real, no one can force me what to use in my free time, like when taking a walk, but Sundara often is the natural choice, so at least give them a listen if you can, I’m sure you’ll see their beauty, especially for the price asked.Hiroyuki Sawano – Pretenders (01:18-01:47), a bit more bass quantity on the R70X but similar texture while it is faster and tighter on the Sundara. A bit more tonally correct on the R70X and better timbre but cleaner and more detailed on the Sundara (treble is also more refined on the Sundara and less peaky). Mids: Hiroyuki Sawano – OldToday (01:25-01:52), vocal tonality is a lot better, cleaner and detailed as well as more forward on the Sundara. Instrument tonality is a bit better on the KPH30i (warmer) but does sound quite bloated in comparison to the cleaner and more detailed Sundara. Timbre is slightly better on the KPH30i. Hiroyuki Sawano – Pretenders (01:18-01:47), a bit more quantity on the Phoenix, but tighter, faster and more textured on the Sundara. Note: The measurements you are about to see are preformed using standardized GRAS 45CA headphone measurement fixture. Headphone measurements require more interpretation than speaker tests and have more of a requirement for subjective testing as a result. In addition, comparison of measurements between different people performing it using different configurations requires fair bit of skill. So don't look for matching results. Focus on high level picture. Listening tests are performed using RME ADI-2 DAC and its headphone output.

The Sundara is a single sided planar magnetic headphone. Make sure you don't buy a pre-2020 version; you do not want those fragile 2.5mm headphone connectors. Since 2020, they've used 3.5mm connectors instead. Not as nice as Audeze connectors, which I wish were industry standard, but an improvement for sure.Amplifier: Topping A90, Headamp GSX Mini, and Spea Find sources: "Sundara Kanda"– news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR ( July 2023) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) The headphone frame, yokes and cups are all metal. The cups swivel and are stiff to do so. It uses a suspension headband design which I prefer for minimizing the amount of weight on the top of your head. The headstrap and pads are pleather, and the pads have a nice surface texture. Long term durability of pleather is always questionable, we'll see how this one does in that regard.

One of the reasons headphones and earphones in India are more expensive than overseas is because of the Goods & Services Tax in India. The open version of the sundara provides more air, more space and slightly more details. The closed variant is primarily solid insulation, much stronger and better bass, and a slightly more monitor character of the sound. Closed sundars are also easier to control, which is a strong argument for mobile use. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Did you like the review? Let me know! Please note that you should write in English, as comments in other languages will be deleted. Thank you! Technicalities: Shiro Sagisu – Hundred years war (02:24-02:57), a lot wider on the Sundara and a bit deeper as well, more holographic on the Sundara. Detail, separation and imaging are a lot better on the Sundara. Timbre is generally better on the Sundara.Robert P. Goldman; Sally Sutherland Goldman, eds. (1996), The Ramayana of Valmiki: An Epic of Ancient India: Sundarkand, Princeton University Press, pp.80–82, ISBN 978-0-691-06662-2 Treble accuracy measured well, with no excessive sibilance. It is on the brighter side, sometimes a little too much. When listening to Donizetti’s Lucia Di Lammermoor, with Joan Sutherland, Pavarotti and Bonynge with the Royal Opera House Orchestra (1972Decca CD) or to Strauss’ Elektra with Inge Borkh and Fischer-Dieskau with Bohm and the Staatskapelle Dresden, (1961, Deutsche Grammophon LP) there were some arias the headphones didn’t respond well in the high tessituras. Volume had to be lowered, otherwise, they ‘stung’my ears. This was my only‘disagreement’with the Sundara sound. Hiroyuki Sawano – Scapegoat (00:57-01:17), Vocal and instrument tonality is a lot better on the Sundara with more micro-details, similarly clean but more refined on the Sundara overall. Timbre is similar. Mids: Hiroyuki Sawano – OldToday (01:25-01:52), vocal tonality, detail and clarity are a lot better on the Sundara and also more forward and less shouty, timbre is slightly better on the R70X but overall naturality is better on the Sundara. Instrument tonality and timbre are better on the R70X but cleaner, more detailed and more clarity on the R70X.

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