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The heads were okay, but I tought I could improve them even further. Games Workshop covers as part of their terrain range a well filled set of plastic skulls (340 in total!) for about 20 GBP. I took a few of these and used them instead of the original ones, and I am more than satisfied. Especially those with the loose jaws really bring it home. Ah thats a shame about Neverboard, I wondered why they hadn't been posting up on facebook recently. I only used them occasionally though. Using these components, you can make a variety of skeletons in multiple poses. A look at four built figures each armed in a different fashion.

First, all races get to field chariots! As long as you have the right territory, that is. So chariot lovers that dislike playing undead will be happy with this book for this reason alone. These add to an already extended range of Oathmark plastic kits, covering Elves, Dwarfs, Greenskins and Humans. And are out there on the market, along with a few other undeads made from plastic in 28mm: As this is a mass combat game, you will find benefits to taking larger troop sizes for your infantry models. The maximum number of troops of one type that you can take is four and the maximum figures in a unit is 20. This means that you can field no more than 80 of a single model type. For most this won’t be a problem. In direct comparison, this kit is among the cheapest options for plastic skeletons. Games Workshop's recently released Deathrattle Skeletons sit at 1,82 GBP per miniatur, Mantic at 1,12 GBP, Wargames Atlantic at 0,81 GBP, former Wargames Factory now Warlord Games at 0,83 GBP and Oathmark at 0,83 GBP as well. And with 30 miniatures per set among the ones with the most miniatures as well. Warseer Forum/EEFL Forum Games Workshop Fantasy release timeline: https://eefl.freeforums.net/thread/1622/games-workshop-fantasy-releases-timelineYou might be able to get some use out of some 1/72 scale Napoleonic or American Civil War artillary, which would be small for 28mm human characters, but right at home with a Persianized halfling artillary team. Redbox makes a 1/72 16th-17th century Ottoman artillary set that should include some great guns, and the halfling-high figures might be a bit slender compared to halflings, but might include some great accessories to equip your halfling artillarists with. Skeletons. The ubiquitous fantasy baddie. Whether guarding some broke treasure in a cave or gathering by thousands at the will of a necromancer, skeletons have been striking terror into the hearts of the living for ages. In this article we will look at 28-32mm plastic skeleton infantry kits from Games Workshop, past and present, and kits that are commonly available from other manufacturers. First we’ll dig up skeletons from the Games Workshop vault and look at how they have progressed to the latest kit. In the second section we will explore the offerings of other miniature companies and offer a comparison of features and price. The Line Up: From left to right: GW 1988, GW 1998, GW 2008, GW 2008(Grave Guard), GW 2021, Mantic, Oathmark, Wargames Atlantic, Warlord (Wargames Factory) Note: grid squares are 1/4 inch. On top of producing a box of skeleton infantry, North Star Military Figures also created special figures for your undead army. At 25 GBP you pay a bit less than a pound per miniature. So these are both great for skirmishers, either a warband of their own or to boost your NPC/monster pool, but work very well as a regiment builder. With the Revenants box, North Star added an elite option to their undead range, and I assume we can expect cavalry in the future as well (which would be a big plus, as plastic skeleton horses are hard to come by). There is a good mix of weapons available from swords and axes through to spears and bows. You've also got the elements to make a set of leaders too with standard-bearers, champions and the like. Here are some of the Skeletons painted by the sculptor, Michael Anderson...

Speaking of skeletons, these are some guys I assembled a while ago; they aren't extensively converted, just some tweaks here, and a reposition there - plus a head or weapon swap.Review of the set, my thoughts and criticisms of the Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors plastic miniatures set The WA Afghan kits ought to mix in great with some Persianized Halflings - the turbans, swords and old-fashioned Afghan guns would make some very interesting Halfling soldiers, though adapting the guns to halflings might require some creative modeling - I've not tried it, but it would be an interesting project! The little Afghan shields are perfectly sized for halflings. While the picture isn't anything impressive in and of itself, it does show how different brands of skeletons compare, style and size wise.

It looks like the miniatures will be typical to the North Star Military Figures plastic range in that the legs and bodies are integrated into the base with the arms, heads and weapon options being available to plug into place. Let's hope they aren't too fiddly to put together! I managed to get my hands on two sprues of the Skeleton Infantry for Oathmark in trade, and as I like the design of them, I thought I'd cover them in a review. So this is not going to cover a whole box, but only the sprue. These seems to be confirmed by fresh news on Wargameterrain: "We will have a regular release schedule for plastic Oathmark figures this year, including: Human Cavalry, Dwarf Light Infantry, Revenants, Orcs and Goblin Lt Infantry." This is going to be part of the new 28mm plastic kit which will support the Oathbreakers expansion. In that book ( which we looked at earlier in the week) you'll find options to introduce the undead into your Oathmark campaigns and these miniatures can make up the bulk of that force.Skeleton Spearman / Javelin Unit One – These are also the ones that I built without the integrated bases. A few are standing up while one sits and one is crawling out of the ground. Here I discuss how I took on the challenge of the 8 harder to build miniatures in the set. Another Art Sample from Oathmark. I really like the images in this book. The illustrations have a nice style. Wrapping it up…

Some of you who follow me know that from time to time I show the work of Codex d’Araden. This guy loves kit bashing everything and is well worth following on Facebook if you like seeing unique minis. Today he let me share a few of his images with you to show how these skeletons look when kitbashed. One of the images will also give you a sense of how the minis scale up to the skeletons by Warlord Games for Warlords of Erehwon. A group of minis by Codex d’Araden. On the outer sides are skeletons by Warlord games. In the center, miniatures by Wargames Atlantic but with Warlords of Erehwon heads. Here he added a cape to the Wargames Atlantic miniature and used a different shield to indicate that he is a leader. This pictures gives a good sense of scale between the Skeleton miniatures by Wargames Atlantic and Warlord Games. The one by Wargames Atlantic is in the middle. Because the Wargames Atlantic figures have bigger heads and body parts than the Warlord products, he used them to depict the leaders in his forces. The capes come from another models set, but he is not sure which. The large mini in the middle is a Sigmarine from Age of Sigmar modified to be an Undead Lord. This is where I will introduce the metric of dollars per skeleton (DPS) going forward with the in production kits. These prices are based on official company webstores. Some time ago I reviewed Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age in very enthusiastic terms and I must say; this enthusiasm hasn't lessened at all by playing it a number of times. In the meantime three expansion books have been published so it was about time that I took a look at those. Oathmark is designed to be a “bring the models that you have” type of game, and the game is meant for 28mm miniatures. That said, there are some rules to unit composition. I found the activation method in this game less frustrating than Dragon Rampant. You roll against your Activation number. If you pass, you can perform your full action (two actions). If you fail, you can still do a partial action. In Dragon Rampant, you don’t get to go at all and you lose your turn.A video review of Wargames Atlantic’s 28mm Plastic Skeleton Warriors Miniatures. This video contains over 70 images and is well worth a watch.

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