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Magic: The Gathering Pioneer Challenger Deck 2021 – Azorius Spirits (White-Blue)

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Commander Clash S5 E10: Planar Commander! (Edgar Markov vs. General Tazri vs. Lin Sivvi vs. O-Kagachi), Lava Coil is an efficient removal at dealing with creatures returning from the graveyard like Arclight Phoenix, while also resolving the archetype's other threat, Thing in the Ice. You can put other removals in this slot, but I find Izzet Phoenix relevant enough at the moment that you need to respect it. It's important to point out that, unlike Modern or Legacy, where you usually want to play Eidolon as soon as possible, there is a significant number of times when, because of how game development in the format works, you first need to establish some pressure and/ or board damage advantage before casting it, as you'll usually still have cards to play as the game progresses, and you want to avoid risking ending up falling behind in damage and getting punished by your own creature. Commander Clash S4 Episode 12: 100th Episode Special! (Edric, Spymaster of Trest vs. Omnath, Locus of Rage vs. Sen Triplets vs. Glissa, the Traitor),

On the other hand, Niv-Mizzet, Parun and Jace, Wielder of Mysteries work as card advantage and wincondition simultaneously. In addition, Fatal Push also interacts much better with larger creatures if you sacrifice permanents such as Selfess Savior to activate Revolt, allowing it to destroy from Spell Queller to Omnath, Locus of Creation. Also, the list comes with its Companion: Lurrus of the Dream-Den, which fits this strategy perfectly.In this list, Alpine Moon serves on the Mirror Match, to invalidate the opponent's Lotus Field while yours are active.

Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands) may take longer to reach you. Once we start talking upgrades Phoenix gains access to Galvanic Iteration to copy powerful effects like Treasure Cruise and Temporal Trespass. Ledger Shredder is a multiformat player that is worth investing in if you play Modern, but is powerful in its own right in Pioneer Phoenix. An additional flying threat that pays you for casting multiple spells in the same turn is already attractive, but Shredder also gives you another way to discard Arclight Phoenix. Commander Clash S8 E2: CEDH w/ Play To Win | Flash Hulk vs. Curious Control vs. Urza Paradox Scepter vs. Opus Thief, Whilst we will do everything we can to meet the delivery times above, there may be factors outside of our control and we cannot guarantee delivery within this time frame. Commander Clash S7 E18: Original Theros Commanders | Erebos vs. Medomai vs. Phenax vs. Tromokratis,Commander Clash S5 E18: Dungeons & Dragons Week! (O-Kagachi vs. Ravos & Tymna vs. Rubinia vs. Taigam), Finally, the sideboard has an equally strange mix of cards, but all are relatively understandable given that these products were not built to be fully complete, although I still consider that there are better options that could be applied, such as an increase in the number of Devout Decree. Commander Clash S4 Episode 8: C17 Precons! (Arcane Wizardry, Draconic Domination, Feline Ferocity, Vampiric Bloodlust),

Commander Clash S5 Episode 2: M19 Elder Dragon Highlander! (Arcades vs. Chromium vs. Nicol Bolas vs. Vaevictis), Commander Clash S9 E16: Halloween Special! | Sorin's Lot vs. Salem Witch Trials vs. Spooky Skeletons vs. Us (The Movie), Opt, Strategic Planning, Dig Through Time, and Sylvan Scrying provide consistency in finding all the pieces you need while Lotus Field, Thespian's Stage, and the various untap effects make up your core mana engine. You’ll win the game with Fae of Wishes and Mastermind’s Acquisition or you won’t win at all. There’s basically no chance you’ll ever get there with combat damage from your terrible creatures. Sideboard StrategyCommander Clash S4 Episode 11: Secret Santa! (Mistform Ultimus vs. Xenagos vs. Nazahn vs. Ludevic & Sidar Kondo), Mono Red Burn is pretty straightforward. Get your opponent down to 0 life as fast as possible. So it’s an easy choice for a beginner. If you’d still like something more complex, both Spirits and Auras are fine options. Commander Clash S8 E3: 4C Week w/ Riley Knight | Kynaios & Tiro vs. Ishai & Vial Smasher vs. Silas & Sidar vs. Yidris,

Orzhov Auras is another great choice for intermediate players. The initial gameplan is easy to grasp but there’s some room for optimization with good sequencing and mulligans. Auras may arguably be even more linear than Mono Red Burn since you almost always end up suiting up creatures with auras and then bashing your opponent with massive beaters. In addition, the list also has some reach and impactful plays for later turns, such as Bonecrusher Giant, which can be an early-game removal while also a threat from turn 3 onwards, while Bomat Courier and Light up the Stage allows it to keep the cards running after the first few turns. However, as with any competitive-oriented product, its lists are not usually complete and closed, but they usually provide a good basis to be played immediately, while also offering space for the player to exercise their creativity or decide to invest in a 100% competitive version of them.Innistrad: Crimson Vow II | Olivia vs. Torens vs. Runo vs. Halana & Alena | Commander Clash S11E17, Shadow Tribal vs. Golgari Artifacts vs. Tengen Uzui vs. Opponent Triggers | Commander Clash S13 E01,

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