The Spanking Files: Spanked Bottoms

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The Spanking Files: Spanked Bottoms

The Spanking Files: Spanked Bottoms

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The most common comment these men make on a picture of a woman being spanked, it that they would make her bottom much redder. The second place comment is that her panties need to come down for the spanking to be effective. Both comments stem from viewing spankings as a punishment. OBB readers well know that we don’t spank for any reason other than it turns us on. So when any element of punishment is introduced we may not be interested. Adm note: I am going to start taking a drug for my Leukemia today. It’s toxic. It may or may not put me “in the ditch” for a time. So if OBB goes silent for a time that’s why.

wave of a thousand colors swept over him as he bowed his head and resumed his punishment position. “Yes, Mistress. Paddle me. Discipline me. Use me for your pleasure. I submit to you.” Time to leave them, until the next time…Mummy is downstairs, putting the slipper away, until next time. She knows this will not be the last time it will be used, it will probably have just been the first of many. Whichever you do, please remember that first impressions are very important. Ensure that you are respectful and show good manners. I like intelligent people with a sense of humour, who are honest, fun to be with, respectful and above all, who love to be spanked. Karen liked the strange feeling she felt (in a certain in a certain intimate area) at being exposed. This is a story version of one of the true real life spankings as told to me by a delightful lady who went to a Girls Grammer School and was kept in line at home by a slipper wielding mother, who used it on her daughters bare bottom… Often!


Mrs.Weltwaay put the detention slips into envelopes at the end of the school day. Then with a stern face told them to go home.

A poor crying Karen thought it was over, but Mummy was reaching for the slipper. Karen looked to the mirror and saw it, she looked over her shoulder, up to meet her Mummy’s eyes. In my days of spanking women, other than Bacall, I tried to figure which would best work on her mind. My custom was to have her stand in front of me while I decided if I would take her panties down or I would have her do it. It’s all part of the delicious anticipation and excitement of a spanking.

The journey to the end of the day was like some heroic trek in a fantasy novel. Long and arduous. The lunch time collection of the ‘death sentence’ sent a cold shiver to her tummy. The words left the slip and ran amok in her brain. There before her the words threatened her bottom.

Protected: A Naughty Little Witch…A Private Little Story for Club Members Only ~ featuring Suzette. I tripped over this story last month and thought to post on my birthday. It’s another by Divine Miss E. This one is different from the others. It shows that a bottom can imagine how she would top. It never happened. Submission was never my cup of tea, First published 1998. When she went to catch the bus now, it was wiggle of a young woman. Even the man with the bowler hat who sat in the same seat every day started to smile, and greet her with a tipping of the hat. She had no idea that he began to see her differently, she just assumed it was cordial familiarity with a regular person he saw on the bus. This may sound obvious but I also expect you to arrive in a fit condition for the spanking you are about to receive. Do not come bloated after a large meal or smelling of drink. You do not need a sore head, you have come to get a sore bottom! And, although I shouldn’t need to say this, I expect you to be drug and alcohol-free. From the very first visit to the Girl’s Grammer School, it was made clear that corporal punishment was used. After a tour of the school looking at laboratories, home economic rooms and such like, the new girls were sat, with their Mums. At the end of the ‘Inroductory Speech’ by the Headmistress. It was made perfectly clear that corporal punishment was used to keep any naughty girl in line, and that parents had to sign a consent form to say that they agreed with the school’s Disciplinary Code of Conduct. This caused a mumbling stir in the Assembly Hall and the loins of many girls, as Mummy’s turned to whisper to their child.

Mildred went to Ivy’s, where she met Betty and Mary. Like the fire in the plump bottom of our naughty girl, news of the good irls downfall began to spread. He was nervous, but concealed it well. “So, why are you here?” she queried. “I believe you know why” he said, trying to seem stern. “Of course I do, but I enjoy hearing you tell me.” She stood close to his chair, and looked down at him, smirking. “It’s my birthday.” “And…” she prompted.

Karen remembers the day her adventure at Grammer School began. It was the day she received the letter telling her that she had passed the 11+ exam with flying colours. Karen took the note, her hand shaking slightly. She could feel the cheeks on her face flush. “No Mummy I do not have any homework tonight.”I understand that my requirements for attire may seem unconventional to some, but it is important to remember that within the realm of role-play sessions, creating a specific atmosphere and dynamic is crucial. By asking participants to dress in feminine attire, it sets the tone and helps both parties immerse themselves fully in the chosen scenario. I believe I am similar to many other disciplinarians in my likes and dislikes. We all like the basic courtesies in life, so please arrive at the session showered, well-groomed and with pleasant but not excessive after shave or cologne. Ensure your clothes are clean without dirty collars and please don’t wear greying undergarments. Kaelah wrote a most informative article on the reasons Why Are Some Women Reluctant To Spank Men? I found a link to it and decided to bring it to life again as it was at the core of why I started OBB. The shop assistant was indeed a W.I. member, and knew the women in the village. Mummy knew that it would soon be common knowledge that she was now armed. I have shared before that Leukemia has caused a lot of changes in my life. Little things like I had a glass of apple juice every morning when I got up for decades. Suddenly, the taste of apple juice was most unappealing. Several other foods were out.

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