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Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - Chaos Knights: Knight Abominant/Rampager/Desecrator

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This dog won’t hunt sadly. The Diamonas pattern can do some work in specific matchups, but it is outshined by other options. Thanks as always for reading, and you know, that almost wraps up the codex, and we can start looking ahead to the Forgeworld goodness out there. Remember: the SoCal Open is coming up fast, so be painting, be practicing, and be ready.

Exorcists go up (+30pts). It’s in line with other Indirect, but again these could probably have gotten a softer touch. TheChirurgeon: Death Guard can take seven-model Plague Marine units. Honestly, this is kind of nice for allowing them slightly more freedom to create lists and I’ll admit that sometimes 7 models is the right number (though usually it’s the number of warpflamers I want). And it does let you do the odd combo of a 5-man and a 7-man pair of units in a single Rhino with no characters, which sure is a thing you can do. Also, Plagueburst Crawlers are one of the very few sources of Indirect that don’t take a nerf, which is a nice little bit of help, though they’re also still shooting AP-1 indirect guns. The single big knight (usually a Desecrator) flanked by war dogs. This is the more mobile of the lists, with lots of mobility around the board edges and better at going wide on 6-objective maps. It also has the ability to take Abhor the Witch.Where the Chaos Knights walk, reality quakes. They are accompanied by a rising tide of dread, shattering the minds of their foes and, eventually, the very stuff of reality itself – represented in-game by the Harbingers of DreadArmy rule. Chaos Knights are drawn from traitorous Dread Households, each with a unique war culture and army-wide rules, relics, and tactics. In Warhammer 10th edition these don’t currently have any rules. Let’s start with an easy one – sometimes, you just need an enemy smashed. Whether it’s a rival Knight , Roboute Guilliman himself, or large units with good saves (invulnerable or otherwise) like Bullgryns .

Every Chaos Knight model is a massive investment of money, time and prayers to the dark powers. Start your army with a kit that you want to spend hours with, not what the internet says is the most competitive. As with any other Warhammer 40k unit, be wary: by the time you’ve built it, the meta may have shifted to favour something else. Helm of Warp-Sight: Ignore hit penalties. Easily the best relic, as it makes you a ridiculous counter to hit modifiers, pretty much whatever you’re up against. If you see a plane, take this, and rejoice that your faction choice has paid off. The Castellan is totally disqualified on cost. At 700pts and without some of the stuff that made Imperial ones truly ridiculous, it just doesn’t get there. If you did run one you’d probably want to go Infernal and use the buff on the plasma decimator, but it isn’t competitively worth it. As we saw in the announcement at AdeptiCon , the War Dog Karnivore is a dedicated melee monster, equipped with a reaper chaintalon for sweeping away lesser chaff and a slaughterclaw for crushing hard targets. Unburdened by ammunition stowage, the Karnivore’s impetuous spirit also gives it an extra burst of speed, so it won’t be left languishing in no man’s land.

Knight Abominant

When you select a PSYKER unit to manifest psychic powers, you select one psychic power that unit knows and attempt to manifest it. With the exception of Smite, you cannot attempt to manifest the same psychic power more than once in the same battle round, even with different PSYKER units. The same PSYKER unit cannot attempt to manifest Smite more than once during the same battle round. Here’s all the latest on the all the new Chaos Knights rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

The technical specifications of the Knight Desecrator have not yet been obtained by the Holy Ordos of the Inquisition. Warp-Haunted Hull is very situational but extremely good in some matchups. Bursting Knights down with psychic mortal wounds is either plan A or plan B for a lot of armies, and giving your lead Knight resilience to this and the ability to deny a key power like Doom is big money. You can only select the Despair ability if you selected the Despair or Doom ability in the previous battle round. The new volkite gun is great looking, with the right balance of chaos and normal gun for my tastes, although I will mention its coils are a bit more plasma looking then I would normally associate with volkite but that might just be me. As for the other weapons, I am still not totally sold on the posing for the flail, it’s… fine. It looks weird if you have it doing anything but just hanging roughly down, they don’t really have enough force to look good pointing forward and they would have to bend up a bit for that to look natural as well. The tail is slightly following the path of the knights gait and it might be a bit subtle for some, but at least it won’t look too goofy if you build multiple Abominants.

Warp Fugue – This model always fights last in the Fight phase. Ehhh. Not usually that bad – your opponent shouldn’t be letting you charge anything that can threaten a Knight, and if you’re getting charged they’re probably fighting first anyway.

Thunderstomp: Deal D3 MW to an infantry or swarm unit on a 4+ after fighting. Very rarely worth the point. It’s pretty clear some kind of balance pass was necessary after the first round of events and so it’s good to see Games Workshop taking this much-needed step. Whether it’s enough is going to be an interesting question, but we’re mostly of the mind that 10th is a pretty fun edition when you move away from some of the listbuilding extremes we’ve seen early on and anything that takes us closer to that environment is a plus. To manifest the psychic power, you must first pass a Psychic test. The opposing player can then select one of their PSYKER units that is within 24" of the PSYKER unit attempting to manifest the power and attempt to deny that power before its effects are resolved by passing a Deny the Witch test.On top of the three models, you also get an exclusive version of the Codex and Datacards, making this the first way for players to be able to experience all the new Chaos Knight goodies, including the brand new Knight Abominant. Trail, Rotate and Full Tilt are your bread and butter here. That is, at least, a pretty nice set of stuff, even if it’s fairly boring. The Rest N.B. The eagle-eyed among you will notice that some of the content of this guide is reproduced from our codex review. While we’ve updated our previous thoughts where relevant, plenty of what we said then is still true, and we’ve merged it in here. Competitive Rating This lets you make full use of awesome Chaos Knights Stratagems like Trail of Destruction, or combines well with close-combat Chaos forces. Use these guys to pin down your opponents at range while Khorne Berzerkers or hordes of Daemonettes shred them up-close.

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