Zoladkowa Gorzka Traditional Vodka Liqueur - Polish Herbal Liqueur Made with Select Blend of Herbs and Spices - 34% ABV, 50cl

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Zoladkowa Gorzka Traditional Vodka Liqueur - Polish Herbal Liqueur Made with Select Blend of Herbs and Spices - 34% ABV, 50cl

Zoladkowa Gorzka Traditional Vodka Liqueur - Polish Herbal Liqueur Made with Select Blend of Herbs and Spices - 34% ABV, 50cl

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I think the spice combo will be one to play around with. I’m thinking the next batch might include star anise and a few raisins.

Gorzka has received several awards, including the Oskar FMCG 2006 award, a CoolBrands award, the gold medal at Poznan International Fair POLAGRA 2000, the Grand Gold Quality Award en 2009 and 3 Golden Stars of International Taste & Quality Institute Awards 2013. [3]

This is the greatest vodka we’ve ever had. We bought it in Poland years ago and haven’t been able to find it in the US until now. So happy to have found a place that delivers!! The bottle looked alright, and the price was excellent: I got this for around 10€/700ml. how to mix this If you’re looking for a use other than sipping a chilled shot of Żołądkowa Gorzka after dinner, I have a few ideas for you. It charms with its beautiful, amber colour, spicy aroma and complex flavour which, contrary to what the name may suggest, is surprisingly sweet with just a hint of bitterness and an original herbal note.

In 2011, alcohol by volume content was reduced from 40% to 38%, and in 2013 was further reduced to 36%. Wiemy, że dla uzyskania najlepszej, gładkiej wódki kluczowa jest dokładna destylacja. Nasi gorzelnicy doprowadzają ten proces do rangi sztuki. Alcohol not for sale to persons under 18. A signature will be required on delivery. You may be asked to show identification to verify age of the recipient. In 2009, Polmos changed the bottle design for a more modern one that is still inspired by the original and traditional bottle. [ citation needed] Hi, I'm Lois; welcome to Polish Housewife! Here you'll find my culinary and cultural adventures in Poland and in the USA.Very tasty flavored digestive Vodka. Reminds me of home, something I drink with my elderly mom during my visits in Europe– it's the only alcohol she drinks! And it does not give me headaches. Wychodzimy z założenia, że opakowanie, w którym dajemy Wam Żołądkową de Luxe, musi być równie perfekcyjne, jak jego zawartość. Dlatego do procesu powstawania nowej butelki podeszliśmy z takim samym perfekcjonizmem jak do procesu 360. I doing think Żołądkowa Gorzka vodka is meant to be consumed neat and at room temperature. It’s too sweet for that. The brand has enjoyed popularity among consumers and has been introduced to international markets. In addition to Poland, Żołądkowa Gorzka is available in the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Spain. In 2012, the Czysta de Luxe variant was the ninth-most popular vodka in the world, by sales. [2]

This particular flavored vodka has the added benefit of being good for the health. Or at least that’s what everyone I’ve talked to in Poland believes. It is accepted as fact. Improved digestion aside, we drink it because we like the taste. We like it so much that we took a bottle on a trip to Ireland where we rendezvoused with our niece and her fiance. Unlike very sweet liqueurs, this orange flavored cordial is hard to find. So grateful it is available in USA. I started this blog because one night I was hanging out in some friends’ kitchen having a bottle of Russian Standard with them.Despite its name, Żołądkowa Gorzka is a sweet, amber-coloured vodka with a spiced aroma and herbal flavor. This is marketed as its "traditional" variety ( Żołądkowa Gorzka Tradycyjna). This is a review of Żołądkowa Gorzka vodka from Poland. I sampled it in Germany in 2014. It’s a golden infusion, 38% alcohol, and I’m not quite sure if it really qualifies as a vodka.

Introduced to it by family that came from Poland for a visit. The product itself is very difficult to find in the US so we are very pleased to see that they not only carry but also ship it. Love the combination of flavors. Reminds one of a light liqueur.with fruity, spicy flavors. The problem was that it was too sweet, especially in the aftertaste. In fact the aftertaste was so peculiar that it reminded me of some sort of herbal medicine. I didn’t like it very much.I came across one Polish blog that went on for a full paragraph promising that Żołądkowa Gorzka is what is needed to fix many a digestive ailment. And while I think clove is often needed, I like it in very small doses, so you may choose to give it more prominence than I do. Barley Barley wine Corn Mageu Pozol Tejuino Tesgüino Millet Oshikundu Tongba Rice Agkud Amazake Apo Beopju Brem Choujiu Chuak Dansul Gwaha-ju Hariya Makgeolli Mijiu Mirin Pangasi Rice wine Rượu cần Sake Sato Shaoxing wine Sonti Tapai Tapuy Rye Kvass Sorghum Pendhā Multiple grains Ale Ara Beer Boza Huangjiu

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