Sony BRAVIA XR OLED XR55A90J - 55-inch smart tv - OLED - 4K Ultra HD (UHD) - High Dynamic Range (HDR) - Google TV - (Black)

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Sony BRAVIA XR OLED XR55A90J - 55-inch smart tv - OLED - 4K Ultra HD (UHD) - High Dynamic Range (HDR) - Google TV - (Black)

Sony BRAVIA XR OLED XR55A90J - 55-inch smart tv - OLED - 4K Ultra HD (UHD) - High Dynamic Range (HDR) - Google TV - (Black)

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In performance terms, the Sony A90J is an absolute stunner. It takes OLED picture performance to new, thrilling levels while maintaining the authenticity for which Sony is justifiably renowned. It also sounds significantly better than all of the other TVs you might be considering. The user experience is better than that of any pre-2021 Sony TV, too, and Bravia Core is a genuine value-added feature.

A front-facing subwoofer provides powerful bass and ensures you won't miss anything that's happening on screen.

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Switching to It, also in Dolby Vision, the A90J takes a slightly less vibrant approach to colour than its LG rivals, but it’s also subtler in terms of shading and closer to neutral. It’s sharper and more detailed, too, even revealing the texture of the paper from which Bill constructs the boat, and the brightest highlights again pop from the screen. At the other end of the contrast spectrum, the A90J digs up absolutely loads of dark detail, ensuring you miss none of the gory unpleasantness that takes place in the sewers beneath Derry. If youcomeacross a different type of panel or your SonyX90J doesn't correspond to our review, let us know, and we'llupdate the review. Note that some tests, like the gray uniformity, may vary between individual units. Left and right subwoofers provide powerful bass, so you can enjoy truly immersive cinematic sound at home.

dib1 said:Hi, as someone who has a 2020 LG Oled, I would be very wary of a manufacturer promising catch-up apps at a later dateLG/other brands with an in-house smart experience struggle to get app support in a timely manner or be as futureproof because they have to publish the apps internally through their own review/system process then sometimes they drastically change their OS from year to year leading to fragmentation as they move on to selling the next year's model & so on. That's why you have LG missing apps like HBO MAX or the newer Discovery+ app or missing certain features in other popular apps as well such as Hulu where older WebOS 3.0 LG tvs can't watch live tv/add-on services. The Sony X90J has a good color gamut, but it's just short of the required 67% Rec. 2020 coverage to be considered a wide color gamut. It's lower than the Sony X900H, although the difference is pretty small and isn't noticeable. It's very difficult to tell that it doesn't have a wide gamut just by looking at an image. We measured this multiple times with different settings and picture modes, and we also compared it side-by-side with the Sony X80J, with both TVs receiving the same 4k, 4:2:2, 10-bit signal through an HDMI splitter. We took the readings with a colorimeter and spectroradiometer set up three feet from the TV, and we also took a spectrum reading, which you can see here. The results were the same. We measured a wide color gamut by lowering the stimulus received, but HDR is meant to be watched with a bright image. However, if movies and TV shows are your priority and you have the budget, we haven’t tested a better television than the Sony A90J. It’s pricey, but it’s also a clear cut above the competition.AFRIKAANS,AMH,ARABIC,ASSAMESE,AZE,BEL,BULGARIAN,BENGALI,BOSNIAN,CATALAN,CZECH,DANISH,DEU,GREEK,ENGLISH,SPANISH,ESTONIAN,BAQ,PER,FINNISH,FRENCH,GLG,GUJARATI,HINDI,CROATIAN,HUNGARIAN,INDONESIAN,ISL,ITALIAN,HEBREW,JAPANESE,KAZAKH,KANNADA,KOR,KIR,LAO,LITHUANIAN,LATVIAN,MACEDONIAN,MALAYALAM,MON,MARATHI,MAY,BUR,NOB,NEP,NLD,ORIYA,PANJABI,POLISH,PORTUGUESE,ROMANIAN,RUSSIAN,SOL,SLOVENIAN,ALB,SERBIAN,SWEDISH;SWAHILI,TAMIL,TELUGU,THAI,TGL,TURKISH,UKRAINIAN,URD,UZB,VIETNAMESE,SIMPLIFIED CHINESE,TRADITIONAL CHINESE ,ZULU Speakers are usually a perfunctory aspect of a TV, typcially a set of downward-firing drivers a handful of watts each to provide enough sound to easily hear what you’re watching. Sony put more thought than this into the A90J’s XR Sound system, combining conventional drivers with actuators mounted behind the screen. The TV features a pair of 10-watt actuators for higher frequencies and a pair of 20-watt drivers for lower frequencies, for more audio power than typical TVs. ARABIC / BULGARIAN / CATALAN / CROATIAN / CZECH / DANISH / DUTCH / ENGLISH / ESTONIAN / FINNISH / FRENCH / GERMAN / GREEK / HEBREW / INDONESIAN / ITALIAN / JAPANESE / NORWEGIAN / PERSIAN / POLISH / PORTUGUESE / ROMANIAN / RUSSIAN / SLOVAK / SLOVENIAN / SPANISH / SWEDISH / THAI / TURKISH / UKRAINIAN / VIETNAMESE We changed the subtype from WRGB to WOLED as it's more accurate and more consistent with other TVs.

We measured the SDR brightness after calibration in the 'Custom' Picture Mode, with Brightness at max, Contrast at '90', Color Tone set to 'Expert 1', Auto Local Dimming set to 'High', and Peak Luminance set to 'High'. Deadpool also looks excellent on the A90J, with the red of Deadpool’s costume appearing vivid under the overcast light of the opening scene. The burning lab fight shows off the TV’s strong contrast, with shadow details coming through clearly in the darkness against the bright light of the flames. With more apps than any other smart platform, there’s something for everyone on Google TV. Run by Android, explore even more applications on the Google store. If you prefer to watch shows on live providers, then browse through the available options on the integrated digital TV service. Are you a fan of Google Assistant and voice control? Just speak to this 4K TV through the remote, to change channels, get tailored suggestions, and more. As the Rogue One crew approaches Scarif, the scene is rendered with epic scale. The gateway to the planet and the ships surrounding it are crisp and three-dimensional, the sunlight reflecting off the planet’s surface is piercingly bright and each cloud is easily discerned, despite the great distance. It's in this way I think Sony has a very good advantage for users that want a more futureproof OS as it's Google's platform which will continue to mature/update vs fragmented app support on brands like LG with WebOS or Samsung with Tizen as move from model year to model year.Two narrow, rectangular, gunmetal feet keep the A90J upright on flat surfaces. By default, the feet simply hold the TV stable, with the bottom of the screen nearly flush with your entertainment console. The feet can also be rotated to lift the TV up a few inches, in case you want to place a soundbar under it. The 83-inch model has a third configuration that moves the feet from the edges of the TV closer to the middle, so you can place the big screen on a surface that isn’t as wide as it is. It’s worth remembering that the A90J’s HDMI features and foibles are only of serious concern to hardcore gamers on next-gen consoles. Most buyers will be more concerned about its performance with movies and TV shows, so it’s little wonder that this is where Sony continues to focus most of its efforts. MPEG1:MPEG1/MPEG2PS:MPEG2/MPEG2TS(HDV,AVCHD):MPEG2,AVC/MP4(XAVC S):AVC,MPEG4,HEVC/AVI:Xvid,MotionJpeg/ASF(WMV):VC1/MOV:AVC,MPEG4,MotionJpeg/MKV:Xvid,AVC,MPEG4,VP8.HEVC/WEBM:VP8/3GPP:MPEG4,AVC/MP3/ASF(WMA)/LPCM/WAV/MP4AAC/FLAC/JPEG;WEBM:VP9/AC4/ogg/AAC/ARW(Screen nail only) Simulating sound from the centre of the screen with two Sound Positioning Tweeters, two front facing speakers and an integrated subwoofer so sound follows action for a truly immersive experience.

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