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The Rubber Woman (Quick Reads)

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Around the house, it's not too bad. I wear full enclosure catsuits a lot, or just a full latex ensemble such as I used to wear out in the evenings. Dress or blouse and skirt, latex undergarments. I have learned to spend up to 8 hours in an inflatable hood as well. When he was done, he made the comment that he wants to get one of these collars for his girlfriend.

We've lived in the Dallas area for many years, but moved to the UK for a few years in the 80's. While there, we became much more involved in the emerging rubber scene and even had the opportunity to meet and learn from John Sutcliffe. Finally, she wore finely polished rubber gloves that rose past her elbows. And I knew who’d done all the polishing. But then she went to a drawer and searched and strapped on something around her waist and when she turned round I could see it was a strap-on dildo and ready for action. Sir and I have found that very thin latex is the least reactive. My transparent latex is very thin (and fragile) and for this new experiment in 24/7 enclosure, I am taken out of my full enclosure suits and bathed at least once, sometimes twice a day. Fiction Writing | Blog Writing | Creative Writing | Essay Writing | Letter Writing | Poetry Writing | Technical Writing | Story Writing Later, in the living room, I curled up on the floor, next to Sir's chair which is my usual place now. Son didn't seem concerned about this either. We talked a bit about his girlfriend. She is into his fetish as well, but had to go home to New York for the holidays. We talked about the two of them coming up to see us later, maybe around Easter or so. He said she would be cool with our lifestyle as well and talked about the hooded dress he got her for Christmas. He had already given it to her before she caught her plane for NY. We laughed about the fact that she took it with her and thought she might get to a fetish club over the holiday...sans parental units, though.These changes have come on since Sir and I moved to Northern California. The more diverse and tolerant environment here makes it possible for us to explore our fetishes more publicly than we have been able to in all our years of living in Texas. He wants me to document the next several months as I adapt to total 24/7 submission discipline. We'll see how this goes. I don't know how often I will be able to update the blog here, but I will make as many entries as I can. Latex clothing can also be perfectly combined with your everyday clothing. Would you like to surprise your husband and wear erotic latex lingerie under an elegant evening dress? With latex under your outfit you can decide for yourself the moment of surprise and be sure that you fascinate your partner and inspire his imagination in previously unknown dimensions.

But I knew more was on the way very, very soon and it was going to be with a strap-on dildo from this large woman but not just yet …………………….. Although I’ve lived in the US for many decades, I was born in England in 1939. One day, when I was getting close to being a teenager, I had to return some books to the library in the middle of the city. It was pouring down with rain as I waited at the tram stop wearing my short trousers under my school raincoat as most young boys did then on all but the coldest winter days. You see my dear," he went on, "I am slowly turning you into a rubbergirl. A living breathing hybrid of human and rubber. I set up the store you so gleefully entered to fund and act as a front for my experiments, and to find semi-willing victims. I am here to make your wildest fantasy come true—whether you like it or not." But it was clear she had no choice in the matter anyway. Dr. Meeks was already well underway. He sprayed her eyes ear and mouth with some sort of solution, muttering something about protecting the mucous membranes. His young male assistant hooked her into a harness, then unstrapped her from the wall she had been bound to. The salesgirl pushed a button on a remote control, and Rebecca felt herself lifted by some kind of crane. As she went past Dr. Meeks, he patted her foot almost kindly. "Goodbye, my dear," he said. "I hope you enjoy yourself." I am a bit concerned that in the summer, when I go our fully encased, I may develop some heat-based reaction, but Sir assures me I won't be out that much in the sun. the weather here in Northern California is far more conducive to this experiement than that of Texas.I have actually started to enjoy looking at myself in the mirror when i wear the burqa. It is a quite a nice garment, loose and flowing as the rubber is very light. It falls all the way to the floor of course...and even drags a little to cover my feet. My boots all have at least four inch heels, so it is quite long to keep even them from being seen. I had a little trouble at fist learnign to walk in it without tripping, but it's better now. So, now it’s your turn,” as she approached me and played with my rubber suspender belt and then she turned me round.

Rebecca strained to understand what Dr. Meeks was telling her. "You mean, I’m all rubber now? I can’t move?" Then the daughter’s voice was shouting that she was cumming as my lady thrust hard to the point that my mouth was just full of cum and they both came again and again. After a moment or two I was literally thrown aside and the two women slowly but surely began to recover as they mauled each other’s tits and poked fingers into their ass.She was aware of only one even vaguely uncomfortable sensation: a dull ache in her chest. She looked down and realized her breasts had swelled considerably. They felt heavy. She longed to be touched. Then bearded man placed his hand on one swollen globe and squeezed the nipple. Fire shot through her, and she found release as the nipple began steadily spurting milk, which the man caught in his glass. He released her nipple when the glass was full, raised his hand as if to toast her, and drank. She watched herself disappear into his mouth, watched his Adam’s apple work to gulp her down, and she wriggled in satisfaction. It was then that she realized what she had become. Some hybrid of person and catsuit and cow, a kind of rubber milkmaid in some cutting-edge bar. Maid wears a rubber uniform around the house but she has never been required to be encased and sealed for more than a few hours during a play scene. She doesn't know if she can take it. So I intend to show her that her mistress can take it, there fore she should be able to.

The garden was large and well equipped by the daughter as it was she that did all the work. And, there was no way it could be overlooked from any side as my lady forced me to venture outside into the drizzly rain which still fell. On one side was a credenza which had a table and several chairs. My lady walked carefully over and sat on the table and slowly waved me over. The photographs are properly marked SAFE or RESTRICTED ( 18+ only / nudity). There are NO porn nor stolen photos ! This is my first real entry. Sir has had me start blogging this to document my experiences in very heavy latex-centric restriction and submission now that I can stay at home and in rubber all the time. To meet the outdoor requirements is harder. Used to be, I would just wear a nice full length latex dress and not think about it. I have even worn full skirted, long sleeved latex dresses while flying.Meeks rubbed her now-bald head and smiled. "You will be able to move a little, but not much. And you are mostly rubber. Most of your internal organs will dissolve or transform in the next few hours, and your remaining bodily processes will be held in near-stasis. You will be alive, and be able to hear, feel, and see most everything that occurs to you—but you will be powerless to act. You will be little more than a doll. She felt a sensation to one side. She turned and watched as a beam of light passed through her arm just after the shoulder. They were using a laser to cut her limbs off, she realized. She knew she was supposed to feel something was wrong with this. We were all tired, so about 11 or so, Sir sent me up to get ready for bed. He and Son talked a bit more, then came up as well. By that time, I was undressed and in bed, but still in the enclosure suit...that's about as naked as I get now. Son said goodnight through the door and Sir joined me for the night. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that it was an enjoyable Christmas eve with Sir! When we go out now, I have to wear it over my other latex clothing. Now I had done this a few times in Dallas and it's OK...no one ever really looks at you that much even though the burqa is latex, not silk. But now I am to be hooded and gagged under it as well. That ups the ante a bit on scary. I don't know what will happen if someone soemhow figures out how bound and restricted i am underneath.

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