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Bakugan Battle Arena, Game Board with Exclusive Bakugan, for Ages 6 and Up

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This Bakugan® battle arena is the ultimate way to brawl with your friends! With a hexagonal grid already on the board, setting up a battle faster. Face off against an opponent and roll your new exclusive Aquos Dragonoid Bakugan® (included) for POP OPEN Baku-Action! The Battle Arena’s included bumpers make sure your balls always stay in play. The thrill of the brawl comes alive with the Battle Arena!

The Bakugan Battle Brawlers are a group of friends named Marucho, Dan, Julie, Alice, Bruno and Shun who find some mythical and powerful playing cards thats have dropped from the sky. The story revolves around Dan and his friends as they play Bakugan, discover new secrets about their Bakugan, and battle against evil forces that wish to conquer the world.Before you start playing, make sure all three Bakugans are closed so that they’re in their ball shape. You’ll roll them when you play, so they need to be closed. Take your game to the next level with a Bakugan® Ultra! You have the power to make these fierce creatures perform an epic transformation! Roll them across the metal BakuCores (included) and they’ll LEAP OPEN, transforming from BakuBall to Bakugan®! Bakugan are creatures from the planter Vestoria, Neathia and Gundalia. They come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has unique powers and abilities. will POP OPEN, transforming from BakuBall into a fierce creature! Face off against your friends in the world of Battle Planet! Only one can leave victorious. With 100 characters to collect in Season 1, how many Bakugan® will you add to your collection?

Now it's time to reveal the Gate and Ability Cards! Depending on what type of Bakugan you've chosen, its G-Power will accumulate with the corresponding color on the two cards. After the calculations are over and the results are through, you will see if you have defeated the opponent or not. The most powerful will always win! Award the gate to the player with the higher final score. After both players have played the ability cards they wish to play, add up each player’s final score. Follow any remaining gate card instructions. The player with the higher score wins the gate card, unless the gate card instructs otherwise. After putting the Bakugan on the Gate Card, it will open up to display your brawler and their G-Power. Next, you need to wait for your opponent to make his move. Once both of you have their Bakugands in position, the Battle will begin! Battle when two Bakugans open on the same card. Flip the gate card over and follow its instructions (if there are any). Then add your Bakugan’s G-power score to the gate attribute bonus. You’ll find the gate bonus in the colored circle that matches the color of your Bakugan. [4] X Research sourceIncludes: Storage Case, a Dragonoid Bakugan®, two BakuCores and one Character Card. How to play Bakugan® Battle Brawlers use these creatures to do battle with each other in a game called Bakugan. The Bakugan Battle Brawlers Dimension is a place where Bakugan live and play. It is also the place where the Bakugan Battle Brawlers have their battles. The dimension is made up of many different places, each with its own unique landscape and inhabitants. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate Bakugan® Master? Then face off against your friends with your very own Bakugan®! Pop-open figures transform from BakuBalls to Bakugan®! Recreate the excitement of the show and collect all your favourite characters! These fierce creatures pop open, transforming in one roll! Enter Battle Planet and get ready to Bakugan® brawl! To start, you first need to choose your Bakugan before entering the Arena! Your options are Pyrus Dragonoid, Haos Saurus, and Darkus Siege. After you've decided, use the Spacebar to send your Bakugan into the fight! The most important part is to keep an eye on the speed meter while preparing to launch!

Roll your Bakugan capsule toward the gate cards. The youngest player rolls first. Your goal is to get your Bakugan to open up on one of the gate cards. Roll the Bakugan with just the right speed so that it stops on one of the gate cards and opens. If the Bakugan opens, leave it on the gate card. [3] X Research source Prepare to enter the Bakugan Arena and partake in epic battles in the Bakugan Training Battle game! However, you should choose your brawler carefully before launching it into the fight. Can you defeat all of your enemies and become the next champion? Let's see if you got what it takes! Join The Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Battle Between Good and Evil in a Parallel Universe! What are Bakugan? Each player rolls an unopened Bakugan® toward the Hide Matrix. If only Bakugan® opens, that player turns over their Character Cards. If both players Bakugan® open they flip over their Character Cards. Includes: 1 Bakugan® Ultra, 2 BakuCores, 1 Character Card, 1 Ability Card Bakugan® Baku-storage CaseEach player needs three Bakugan® (and Character Cards) and six BakuCores – These much match the BakuCore symbols with those on your team’s Character Cards. There are many different Bakugans toys available, each with its own unique features. The most popular Bakugans toys are the Gundalian Invaders sets, which include several small Bakugan figures and a playset. Other popular Bakugan toys include the Battle Brawlers sets, which come with larger Bakugan figures and a variety of accessories, and the Bakugan Battle Arena, which is a large playset that can accommodate multiple Bakugan figures. There are also many smaller Bakugan toys available, such as keychains and figurines. Whatever type of Bakugan toy you're looking for, there's sure to be one that's perfect for you. Includes: 1 Bakugan Ultra, 2 Bakugan, 6 BakuCores, 3 Ability Cards, 3 Character Cards Bakugan® CORE Allow your opponent to roll their Bakugan. After you roll, your opponent tries to get their Bakugan onto the same gate card that you landed on. If their Bakugan opens on the same gate card as yours, you’ll battle to see who wins the gate card. For example, if you have a green Bakugan, find the green circle and add that number to your Bakugan’s G-power score. If your G-power score is 300 and the gate bonus is 50, your current total is 350.

For example, if your chosen Bakugans include one red, one blue, and one yellow, select gate cards with high numbers in the red, blue and yellow circles. You won’t always get perfect matches, but try to find the best options. If the first player doesn’t wish to play a card, but the second player plays an ability card, the first player still has the option to play an ability card. The gate attribute bonuses are located along the left side of the card in colored circles. Your Bakugan’s G-power score can be seen printed inside the opened Bakugan. The Bakugan counts if one of three things happens: it lands on the gate and opens; it lands on the gate but doesn’t open; it opens on the gate but slides off of the card. Play ability cards if you want to. Once you add the gate bonus to your Bakugan’s G-power, you have the option to play an ability card to boost your Bakugan. Play the card and follow the instructions it gives. You don't have to play an ability card during every battle, but they often decide who wins the battle.Lay gate cards facedown in the middle of the Bakugan arena. Choose the gate card that you want to play first and lay it between you and your opponent. Lay your card closer to your opponent in the game area. They will lay theirs closer to you, as well. [2] X Research source

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