HIROAKIYA Angel Devil Wig, Chainsaw Man Angel Devil Cosplay Wig with Wig Cap

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HIROAKIYA Angel Devil Wig, Chainsaw Man Angel Devil Cosplay Wig with Wig Cap

HIROAKIYA Angel Devil Wig, Chainsaw Man Angel Devil Cosplay Wig with Wig Cap

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Aki Hayakawa † • Angel † • Beam † • Denji ‡ • Furuno • Fushi † • Galgali † • Himeno † • Kato † • Kishibe • Kobeni Higashiyama ‡ • Kusakabe † • Quanxi • Madoka ‡ • Makima † • Masaki Ando † • Michiko Tendo † • Minami Nakano ‡ • Nakamura † • Nomo † • Power † • Princi † • Sato † • Subaru † • Tamaoki † • Tanabe † • Yutaro Kurose † • Hirokazu Arai † • Fumiko Mifune • Katana Man Akane Sawatari † • Aldo • Denji ‡ • Hirofumi Yoshida • Joey † • Kenzo • Santa Claus ‡ • Tolka † • Asa Mitaka • Yoru Usage: Five Years ( 五 ( ご ) 年 ( ねん ) 使 ( し ) 用 ( よう ) , Gonen Shiyō ?): By using up five years of collected lifespan, the Angel Devil can manifest a gold-handled, single-edged sword from his halo that seems to instantly kill whomever he cuts with it, without leaving a scratch (possibly by draining a victim's lifespan all at once). [16]

Angel also resembles Lucifer as depicted in the painting "The Fallen Angel" by Alexandre Cabanel. Aside from both having auburn hair, Lucifer is commonly described as beautiful. Denji found Angel attractive enough to briefly consider him a potential partner before discarding the idea since Angel is male. Usage: 100 Years ( 100 年 ( ねん ) 使 ( し ) 用 ( よう ) , Hyakunen Shiyō ?): By expending a hundred years of gathered lifespan, the Angel Devil can manifest a single-edged, red-hilted, cleaver-like longsword from his halo. It was created by Makima (through her intestinal halo) while she was controlling Angel, in an attempt to counter Power's blood weapons. [18]Spearmanship: The Angel Devil is skilled at using spears in combat, accurately throwing two to impale Reze from a nearby rooftop. [15] He is one of the followers of Chainsaw Man. Other followers of Chainsaw Man were Power, Beam, Galgali, Princi, Seraphim, Dominion and Virtue. Lifespan Weapons ( 寿 ( じゅ ) 命 ( みょう ) 武 ( ぶ ) 器 ( き ) , Jumyō Buki ?): [13] The Angel Devil can convert previously absorbed lifespan (measured in years) into physical weapons, which he summons forth through his halo. These weapons hold unique powers, such as Aki's katana that can cut through a normally intangible ghost. [14] [10] Due to his nightmares about the people whose lifespans he stole, Angel is hesitant to use this ability frequently.

As a result of his power, the Angel Devil is socially withdrawn and usually is seen isolated from the rest of his fellow devil hunters, with Aki Hayakawa being the only one who has a sort of connection with him as he is the first known human who has not been afraid of touching him. He is partial to soft-serve ice cream, eating three cones in one sitting and requesting another, but has shown a willingness to eat anything including zombie flesh and the corpse of a fellow devil. [4] [1] [6] The Angel Devil is a unique case among devils, having virtually no hostility towards humans. [1] He considers himself to be a devil first and an angel second, stating that he believes humans ought to die in pain. [2] However, he is later seen apologizing to and comforting certain humans in their deaths, suggesting some form of affection towards humans, which he suggests is a result of being part-Angel. It is possible that Angel's ability to steal and weaponize lifespans could be because sometimes angels are symbolic of or associated with death, dead beings, or seen when dying.

Angel initially only wishes to die so he wouldn't have to work again, saying that he's always been prepared for the moment he dies. However, over the course of the story, Angel slowly starts to reject that notion and eventually desires to have a normal life like an ordinary human, even telling Aki that he wishes that he would quit his job as a Public Safety Devil Hunter and find another job that would allow him live a long and peaceful life. He also grows to care about his partner, becoming concerned when Makima forces Aki to make a contract with her and attempts to protect Aki from her. Spears: Angel was seen creating two particular throwing spears with his power and using them to impale Reze: one dark with a barbed shaft and a second, light-colored javelin. [15]

Angel Devil's appearance is based on the lowest classifications of angels, which are the most commonly depicted angels in classic paintings from the medieval and Renaissance times. Swordsmanship: The Angel Devil can wield a sword with some skill, cutting down five of Santa Claus' dolls in a single swing. [20]

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