Orzly Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Glass (Pack of 2) Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

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Orzly Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Glass (Pack of 2) Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

Orzly Nintendo Switch Screen Protector Glass (Pack of 2) Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

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The biggest risk with plastic protectors is that if you put them on incorrectly, you can trap bubbles between the screen and plastic, which looks pretty ugly.

Oleophobic Coating: Most, but not all, tempered glass screen protectors have something known as an oleophobic coating on the exterior layer of the screen protector. This coating helps reduce the appearance of natural oils, like those from our fingerprints, and makes the screen extremely resistant to fingerprint smudges. It also makes the protector super easy to clean if you do happen to smudge it. Keeping your Nintendo Switch OLED safe from scratches and damage is very important. In addition to a screen protector, you'll want to have one of the best Switch OLED cases to keep your shiny new consoles safe as well. After all, it's a rather expensive device and you will probably be taking it everywhere with you. Plus, the Switch OLED has a very nice screen, so you're going to want to keep it lookin' new, right? Some people can't stand the look of glass screen protectors. Even ultra-thin ones tend to add some bulk to a screen. If you're in that camp, a plastic screen protector for your Nintendo Switch may be a better option. While plastic screen protectors don't withstand the test of time as well as tempered glass protectors, they are less noticeable on the display. It must be said that plastic screen protectors, just like the Switch's plastic display, are susceptible to scratches. You might wind up buying multiple plastic protectors for your Switch over time.The HORI screen guard is another reliable screen protector you can use to keep your Switch’s display from getting scratched, and protect it from minor scrapes and drops. HORI guarantees that their screen guard will be completely bubble free, which is definitely good, because bubbles under screen protectors look really annoying.The screen guard is made out of PET material, manufactured in Japan, and offers perfect clarity and touch responsiveness. Whether you have a first-gen Nintendo Switch from 2017, a Switch Lite, or a new OLED Switch from 2021, you need a screen protector. That said, the screen material differs between the newest OLED Switch and the older two models (2017 Switch & Switch Lite), so the reasons you need a screen protector for your respective console differ as well. Original Switch and Lite Have a Scratch-Loving Plastic Screen As always, I would like to know your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, the games available on the console, and your experience with the Switch, if you’ve played around with one. Also, if you know of any other good screen protectors for the Nintendo Switch that you think deserve to be on this list, do let us know in the comments section below. Woahfoxy "Unless you have never owned a switch there is literally zero average consumer level reason to get the OLED Switch." SEE ALSO: 7 Best Nintendo Switch Cases and Covers You Can Buy Protect Your Nintendo Switch Display with These Screen Protectors

Before you buy screen protectors, make sure that they're designed to fit the Switch model you own. What kinds of screen protectors are available for the Switch? This is because each of the Switch's three versions has a different size screen. The standard Switch's screen is 6.2 inches, the Switch OLED's screen is seven inches, and the Switch Lite's screen is 5.5 inches. Both the 2017 Switch and the Switch Lite are made with a plastic screen, which is a fantastic safety feature as it's shatterproof. Plus, plastic is a lot cheaper to manufacture than glass, which translates to a lower retail price for consumers. Tempered Glass vs. Plastic: When comparing these two screen protector materials, tempered glass typically wins every battle. Tempered glass screen protectors are more durable and have special features like an oleophobic coating and a surface hardness rating. The only good reasons for buying a plastic screen protector is if you want an extra protector to go over a tempered glass protector or if you want an officially licensed protector from Nintendo.

Frequently Asked Questions Do all Nintendo Switch screen protectors work with every version of the Nintendo Switch?

Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands) may take longer to reach you. What’s more, Mothca offers a hassle free lifetime replacement warranty on their screen protectors, so you can rest assured that you can easily get them replaced in case of a problem. I happen to own one, coming from a V2 Switch, and I must respectfully disagree. When you hold the device in your hand and play through your catalog of games, it soon becomes apparent that, although it may not have more processing might, it provides a genuinely more premium experience that you may not have known the Switch needed, not to mention one that could motivate you to replay through some of the games that you've already beaten. I mean, almost everything (right down to the joy cons actually) have been redesigned and updated to provide a brilliantly premium quality; I mean, that's what it was meant to do, and ever since I got mine, I haven't been able to put it down. The large vivid screen puts you closer to the action, magnifying graphical details and reminding you a little of how it feels to play it on the television and the loud crisp audio is competent enough for you to go without headphones, unless you want super bass. so far, it has been an amazing device, outside of the assessment of more processing power. The biggest risk with glass protectors is that if your Switch is hit with enough force — for example, if you drop it from a great height — the glass can shatter, which is dangerous. Certain kinds of sand can also create jagged scratches that might hurt to run your finger over.

10. Orzly Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

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